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AxMsRdpClient - Hide fake window from taskbar

Jun 29, 2009 at 4:24 PM


I studied the source of your project and source examples on the site. If you use the following code to connect:

// for example, I have my AxMsRdpClient control named rdpClient.
rdpClient.Server = "sever name here";
rdpClient.UserName = "your username on remote pc";
rdpClient.AdvancedSettings2.ClearTextPassword = "you password on remote pc";
// optional
rdpClient.ColorDepth = 16; // int value can be 8, 15, 16, or 24

rdpClient.DesktopWidth = 1024; // int value
rdpClient.DesktopHeight = 768; // int value
rdpClient.FullScreen = true; // boolean value that can be True or False
// and connect

we get the fake AxMsRdpClient window in taksbar (see image

How to hide this fake AxMsRdpClient window from taksbar?